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Protect Fog Cannon

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Protect Yourself & Your Staff From Raiders

Prevent your Stock & Assets from joining the rising tide of business theft statistics

Fog systems are no longer only affordable by large corporations.

Fog Cannon can flood small and large spaces and is triggered immediately as an intruder is detected - by a Panic or Raid button and/or your alarm system. It can be positioned on walls or ceilings (even hidden inside suspended ceilings) and is capable of multiple discharges before requiring a refill.

Unlike waiting for police or security guards to arrive, Fog Cannon delivers an immediate response to criminal entry. Fog Cannon...
- Disorientates
- Frightens-off
- Deters

Tried-and-trusted by many organisations, Fog Cannon users include many familiar high street brand names such as: Aldi, IKEA, Nike, Sainsbury’s, Sony, Spar & Vodaphone.Fog Cannon flyer cover

- Totally safe for humans and your stock
- ISO 9001 certified
- Meets EU security fog standards.

Our Fog Cannon installation for Cash Converters featured in The Pawnbroker magazine.

Read our Cash Converters Case Study.

Download our 7 Reasons Why You Need Fog Protection pdf document (right).

Click to consider Fog Cannon for your home too! See video.

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