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Case Study : The Canvey Supply Company

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Centrally monitored CCTV systems protect three sites 

The Canvey Supply Company is a 90-year-old, family-run builders’ merchant and DIY supply business. It provides heavyside and lightside products, to Essex and beyond, from three trading sites.

Director John Shirley called on Guard Tec, as a local security business, when he decided he wanted to increase security measures. John has added intensive CCTV monitoring and recording surveillance at the sites to supplement intruder alarm systems.
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Countering Risks - including Metal Theft - 24/7

Desirable, high value products within the Canvey Supply Company sites include copper and other metals whose theft across the UK is increasingly making news as values soar. As such, the business looks to protect itself from crimes occurring both inside and outside business hours.

CCTV camera systems at each site, each comprising 16 cameras (capable of criminal evidence-quality images) in a mix of interior and exterior locations, are centrally monitored and recorded at the company’s main offices. Images from each site are brought back to the centre via a broadband connection. A large monitor for each site is capable of showing all 16 camera views at once, but the system is typically set to display a smaller number of key views. If an incident occurs a dedicated view from a single camera can be selected and studied.

16 Cameras per Site with Broadband Centralisation

Hard disk, digital recording takes place for all cameras on a continuously over-written, loop recording system. A motion detection feature within the system means images are only recorded if and when activity occurs in front of a camera.

“Occasional security incidents happened before Guard Tec designed and installed the CCTV systems,” says John Shirley. “They have ceased since the cameras’ presence became apparent. Clearly there is significant deterrent value, and more, in making people aware that we have intensive security in place.”

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