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Protecting the vulnerable and at-risk

Guard Tec has developed an expertise, over a number of years, in offering security systems support for customers providing refuge accommodation for women and children who have suffered domestic violence and meeting other special housing needs.

Security is often of paramount importance where vulnerable, at-risk, people are being looked after. Depending on the use, size, fabric and location of a building, a range of security system options can be combined in various ways to protect against even the highest levels of risk.

Quality CCTV ID evidence

CCTV cameras and monitors, electronic and physical access control measures and intruder detection alarms can all be brought to bear. It is important to consider the relationship between interior and exterior requirements and the importance of ease of identification of those who should be granted access to protected sites and recording of police quality ID evidence of unauthorised, undesirables attempting entry. Well-positioned, robust and vandal-proof (CCTV/video entryphone) installations are often vital.

High specification locks

Reinforced doors and windows with high specification locking should be considered, with extensive placement of alarm sensors at access points. Personal attack (‘panic’ alarms) can provide an additional level of reassurance and, possibly, even the installation of a high security ‘panic room’ within a building.

Easy-to-operate access control

Access control systems permitting entry of authorised staff and residents need to be easy to operate by staff, particularly where enrolment is a constant, ongoing process if a regular flow of new residents makes use of the facility. Access control systems are a highly versatile asset. They can limit entry, keep an evidence log of ‘who is where’ and ‘who was where’ and now even assist in energy management to control unnecessary waste of lighting, heating and other consumables.

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