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Fog Cannon Details

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Installed in hours

Fog Cannon is deployed in self-contained units that store, generate and dispense the fog through a nozel. They can be wall- or ceiling-mounted, even hidden in suspended ceilings. There is no requirement for ducting/pipework which means installations can be up and running in hours, with minimal disruption to your premises and business operations.

Harmless to IT-equipment, inventory etc.

Protect Fog Cannons are installed in locations containing very sensitive electronic and mechanical equipment, foodstuffs, clothes etc. The dry fog has been proven completely safe and harmless by laboratories throughout the world.

Completely safe for people and animals

The fog system is built on the same principle that has been used in the entertainment industry for the past 50 years. The fog has been tested and certified as completely safe and harmless by laboratories the world over. The system is used by police and fire departments to train personnel and tracker dogs in hostile environments and to replicate fog filled sites for fire fighter training.

The fog stays in the room for a long time – and leaves no residue

The dense fog can stay for a very long time, and even with strong ventilation it will take around 20 minutes to regain full visibility and rid the premises of any traces of fog. The discharge will leave no residue or film. Protect Fog Cannons can be discharged many times from the same fluid container.

The fog also prevents vandalism

Vandalism can be just as frustrating and costly as a burglary. A Fog Cannon is the perfect solution to prevent the destruction and defacing of property. By removing the ability to see and sense of orientation the vandal is instantly deterred.

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