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CCTV & Data Protection

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You have legal obligations - We can help

As the owner/operator of a CCTV system with a recording capability you should be aware of your legal obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the associated recommendations of the UK Police and Home Office.cctv sign

The Data Protection Act 1998 (enforced since 1 March 2000) provides a statutory basis for the systematic legal control of the processing of images of individuals obtained by CCTV cameras.  The Act defines Personal Data, the Data Subject (anyone whose image is recorded) and the Data Controller (who must take responsibility for a specific CCTV system).

The Act calls for a range of operational considerations, such as the use of signage, in the use of CCTV:

  1. Fairness - making people aware CCTV recording is taking place  
  2. A Statement of Objectives
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Traceability & record keeping
  5. Time & date stamping
  6. Recording periods
  7. Recording quality
  8. Security of recordings
  9. Copying of recordings
  10. Evidence-handling
  11. Erasure/deletion of recorded material
  12. The functional life of the recording medium
  13. Multiple recording systems
  14. Information sharing  -  limits/scope
  15. Data subject's rights of access
  16. Covert recording (qualified exception situations) 
There are a number of ways that Guard Tec Security can support your Data Protection Act obligations and assist with best practice for obtaining credible recorded evidence.

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