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Leasing Advantages

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Minimal Initial Outlay
No deposit is required. Regular repayments are made using direct debit during the life of the agreement.

One Repayment
Your entire system and support functions can be consolidated as one, easy, regular repayment.

Fixed Payment for Simplified Budgeting
Payments made throughout the rental period do not suffer from the impact of interest rate changes and avoid the effects of inflation.

Reduced Tax Bills
All the lease rentals paid in any year can be fully offset against taxable profits for that year.

Preservation of Working Capital
Lease payments allow you to preserve the lines of credit (bank loan facilities and other sources of finance) and capital resources that organisations usually use to fund business development and other operational needs.

An Increase in your Purchasing Power
It is often possible to improve the scope and size of the total package you can afford by using scheduled lease payments. This allows you to obtain the system your organisation really needs, instead of the one you think you can afford.

Leasing's benefits can be a persuasive factor when you need to consult with others in your organisation's decision-making team before committing to a contract.

Flexibility for Upgrades & Additions
Any additions and enhancements you choose to make to a system, or the way it is supported, during the rental period can be factored in throughout the life of the agreement. This means you can even reduce the need to wait for new budget allocations before upgrading and other additional spending can commence. 

System Life-cycle Management
Technology - and your needs - constantly changes and advances. Lease rental can eliminate or reduce equipment disposal issues while allowing scheduled, regular upgrades/replacements.

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