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Energy-Saving Access Control

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Cut costs to meet your budget. Act green too!

The Energy Saving Card Reader fits as part of an access control system. A great building management tool, it cuts energy bills - saving you money and lowering a site’s carbon emissions.

Once fitted, it can control the utilities in a building - like heating, lighting and air-conditioning. This means that lights won’t be left on by mistake. You have greater control over energy usage on-site and so save money on bills.

Unlike standard card-operated energy management units (such as those in hotel rooms), the Energy Saving Reader will only work when a card from an authorised user is inserted.

Health & Safety benefits

The Energy Saving Reader can also be fitted to equipment and machinery. This means that its use is restricted to only qualified people who have permission to use the equipment. This helps ensure that health & safety standards are adhered to.  It also minimises the likelihood of accidental damage occurring and the risk to untrained staff.

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