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Monitored Home Systems

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Alarm bells or sirens may scare off criminals,
but they do not ensure a response from the Police.

Monitored systems provide the ultimate peace-of-mind and security.

A monitored home alarm provides 24/7 connection to a registered, professionally-manned Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via your phone line - your route to emergency assistance from the police, fire brigade and your nominated keyholders.

By linking your home system to an ARC, that can inform the local police if a break-in takes place, you have the comfort of knowing that the police can be on the scene in minutes. Rapid response is crucial:

  • intruders have less time to cause loss and damage
  • help can be quickly on-hand when a personal attack button is pressed
  • by nominating friends, family or colleagues as your keyholders, they can be called out oversee protection of your property

Guard Tec is certified to install systems that qualify for police response

Following the guidelines of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), many Police forces will not attend alarms from non-monitored systems unless there is also first-hand evidence of a crime - a direct phone call from the owner, a neighbour or passer-by.

However, the Police will attend an alarm signal routed via an Alarm Receiving Centre from a monitored system that qualifies.

Personal attack

Personal attack devices (panic buttons) can be incorporated into your home system to allow you to summon help in the event of being under personal threat. In addition, if you are forced to disarm your system, a duress code function means you can secretly alert the Alarm Receiving Centre.

Fire protection

A fire detector added to your monitored system will be active around the clock, even when your intruder system is turned off.  So, unlike stand-alone smoke alarms, which only have value if batteries are maintained and the house is occupied when they go off, your property will have considerably improved fire protection - 24/7! 


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