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Home CCTV Systems

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Don't waste your money on DIY CCTV kits!

Prices have fallen sufficiently to bring useful CCTV within the reach of many home owners. But to get realistic protection from a system requires Guard Tec's application of expert knowledge about this technology - knowing where it should be used and how it should be installed.   

Indoor CCTV
Indoor cameras come in three types: wired, wireless and powerline (those that plug into a mains electric socket). Wireless cameras are not ideal inside the home unless the signal is encrypted because snoopers can intercept the signal. Wireless systems can also suffer from interference from other household electrical devices and can be blocked by heavy masonry or metal objects.

Outdoor CCTV
Exterior CCTV cameras must be weatherproofed to an IP (International Protection) rating standard. Cameras need to be positioned where they can’t be tampered with but can be accessed for service and maintenance.

Monitoring home CCTV
The best home CCTV systems should have a dedicated monitoring station. However images can instead (or additionally) be received by domestic TVs - with options such as 'picture in picture' for added convenience.

Remote Access to home CCTV - via internet/mobile phone
Systems are available to allow monitoring over the internet using a PC or smart phone. Email or text alerts can also be triggered when cameras are activated.

Image storage
A PC hard drive or standalone digital video recorder (DVR) are the main options. A system should allow storage of images in a widely-used file format, such as Mpeg – especially if images need to be downloaded and viewed on third-party, specially police, systems.

Motion Detection
These systems have a sensor capability that turns the camera and recording device on only when a movement is detected. This makes disk storage for recording much more cost-effective and reduces the need to review long periods of uneventful images.

Night vision
Black & white (mono) CCTV cameras provide the best security in low light, specially with infrared illumination. The best cameras use a colour mode in daytime and auto-switch to infra-red-assisted monochrome when it gets dark.

Resolution matters
High-quality images are needed if CCTV evidence is used in court. High resolution is needed and this uses large amounts of image storage disk space. Date and Time tags on the recorded images must be set accurately.

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